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About Brighton Sings

Biggest mass singing event in the South East. By encouraging increased participation of people singing and attending as audience, our annual massed fundraising event aims to grow and grow. Modelled on similar events around the UK, this will enable Brighton Sings participants to raise significant funds for charity.

Each year we will occupy larger capacity venues in the city of Brighton and Hove.  This will accommodate our participant numbers as they grow from 220 singers and audience, in 2017 to 1000 people singing in 2021.

Watching choirs and singing groups in action on the TV, captivates and inspires us. With this energy and excitement, we have created a live mass choir performance, here in Brighton. Our fundraising event welcomes a wide range of ages and backgrounds and people who may, or may not, already sing in choirs.

Fundraising through Singing

To support independent learning we provide comprehensive online resources. Because giving confidence to new singers is especially important to us, our monthly workshops provide a collaborative and supportive experience.

Our fundraising themes. Each event will have a theme. In 2017  we raised funds for people seeking sanctuary and safe havens. For March 2018, we will be singing for mental health and our songs will energise us. They will tap into the joy of communal singing.

Local collaborations. In order to ensure that a minimum of 65% of ticket revenue goes to our chosen charity, we develop relationships with local businesses and sponsors . If you are a local business interested in sponsoring this rapidly growing event, talk to us about our range of packages. For further information or if you would like to explore other ways to contribute, please contact

This event will provide a thrilling and supportive experience for all participants. It will exhilarate hearts, inspire minds and engender a love of communal singing to the benefit of the community.