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  1. What do people wear at your concerts?

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in but we prefer block colours, so no patterns, florals checks, etc. It would be lovely if you could choose a colour from our logo to wear.

  1. Where can I get hold of the music for your concerts?

When you buy a singer’s ticket, you will be sent a link to audio files and sheet music to help you rehearse before the event. Our music resources are stored in Dropbox. You do not need a Dropbox account to access the files. Our Music Director arranges all the music especially for the concert so even if you think you know the songs, please ensure that you listen to the audio files and learn these versions.

  1. Can I pick up a copy of the music on the day?

It is best that you learn the music and make your own notes on the music sheets that you can download from the link that we will send to you. A limited number of copies will be available during the rehearsal in the afternoon at £4 per copy.

  1. Can I join in on the day without having learned the music in advance, if I already know the songs?

We don’t recommend this, as our Music Director will be arranging the music especially for the concert.

  1. Do you sell CDs or other aids to help me learn my part?

No, we don’t sell CDs though you could burn your own copy after downloading the audio file. See reply to question 3 above.

  1. I have some questions about the music; where will I find the answers?

If you are part of a choir already, we recommend that you learn the music together. If you do not have anyone to learn the music with, please watch out for news about workshops, where you will have an opportunity to practise with other singers before 11th March 2018. If you still have a question then email us at

  1. The parts divide in the musical score; which part shall I sing?

You can choose which part you sing when you listen to the audio files; (from high to low) Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass. You can choose a different part per song. However, it is not ideal for you to be moving around the stage, between voice parts, on the day of the performance so we will be providing guidance where parts are inter-changeable, at the workshops.

  1. What if I want to change my voice part; what should I do?

You will have access to all voice parts learning resources so you can learn which-ever voice part is comfortable for your voice. We recommend that you try to stick with the part that you have learnt as that will be easier for you on the day of the event, but if you want to change at any time, then that’s fine by us.

  1. How well do I have to know the music?

We hope that in the spirit of the event you will learn as much of the music as possible before 11th March. You will get a rehearsal with our Music Director on the afternoon of the event but it will only be a run-through and will not go thoroughly into each song. However, we have six, monthly workshops, starting in October, so please also watch out for news about when and where these will be held.

  1. Why don’t you take telephone enquiries?

While we realise it’s preferable to talk to a real person, our office is virtual, as we all work in other jobs and run Brighton Sings out of usual working hours. We hope you find the answer to your questions here. If not, please feel free to email us at



  1. How can I join your mailing list?

Hit the Get News button at the top of every page for up-to-date information.  We will also collect your email when you buy your ticket. This is so we can keep you informed about the event. If you do not want to receive our emails you can unsubscribe from them using the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the newsletter. This will remove your email from our list.

  1. How can I change my address?

Your home address is not collected when you buy a ticket and as you will receive your ticket by email there is no need to worry if you move home during the run-up to the event.

  1. How do I remove myself from your mailing list?

You can unsubscribe at any time via the unsubscribe button on our newsletters.



  1. How do I get easy-access seats?

Please let us know when you buy your ticket that you have special mobility considerations.  Contact us at . You can also check out the facilities at The Old Market here –

  1. Where can I change?

We recommend that you dress comfortably for the whole event, rehearsal and performance.  There will be a large number of participants and the changing facilities at The Old Market are not big enough to hold you all.

  1. Where can I eat near The Old Market?

The Old Market is situated within minutes of the many eclectic eateries offered in central Brighton

  1. Where can I park near the The Old Market?

Please click this link for information about parking and transport

  1. Why do you sell two different types of tickets – Singer’s tickets and Audience tickets?

Singer’s tickets include rehearsal materials, and if you purchase a combined ticket it also includes workshops. Concession and group tickets will also be available. Audience tickets are just that; a ticket to enjoy the performance.

  1. When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets are provided at the point of purchase by email. Although September ’17 to March ’18 seems a long time, it is useful in order to give you plenty of time to learn the songs and attend the workshops, if you have bought a Singer’s ticket. Please make a note in your calendar as soon as you buy a ticket so that you are well prepared and don’t miss either the workshops or performance.

  1. How can I get to sit with friends who book Singer’s tickets separately from me?

Tickets are not numbered so you are free to sit with anyone singing the same voice parts as you. We may ask you to move around for balance of the voice parts within the choir from song to song. This will be a decision made by the Music Director.

  1. Will I be able to sit near my family and friends who come to watch the performance?

You will need to sit with other singers in order for the conductor to effectively lead the choir and for the best experience for your guests.